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  • Rick's Blog - Publisher of DNN

    Rick has been diving for longer than he cares to admit, and in the publishing business for 16 years. He's a self taught publisher, and event coordinator, but it's his passion for the sport of scuba diving people remember about him. He lives in Washington state, and can be seen traveling the globe. You can subscribe to Rick's updates on facebook by visiting

  • Incoming Mail

    Have a thought you'd like to share with us? Email us now to share your thoughts, and you could be answered in our next print edition!

  • Andy's Critter Corner

    Andy Lamb - Marine Naturalist / Educator

    B Sc., UBC - Zoology, 1969
    Vancouver Aquarium 1966- 1974 - Aquarist/Collector
    Department of Fisheries and Oceans 1974 - 1996 - Fish Culturist
    Vancouver Aquarium 1996 - 2005, School Program Co-ordinator
    Co-Author - "Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest" and "Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest"
    40 years of SCUBA diving with over 2,500 Pacific Northwest Dives

    You can find out more about Andy (and his amazing wife Virginia) at:

  • Oh Behave! - with Peter Mieras

    Peter Mieras has been running the amazing resort Rendezvous Dive Adventures Port Alberni, BC since 2008. Peter is best known for his passion for ocean preservation, hydro-environmentalism, and diving - not to mention his stellar sense of humor! Peter is an award winning videographer and photographer. Stay up-to-date with Peter and his amazing wife Kathy on their Facebook page for Rendezvous Dive Adventures.

  • Boating Regulations

    Not all boaters are divers, but (almost) every diver has an interest in boating!

  • Creative Corner

    A place for divers to share their creative poetry, prose, drawings, and every kind of art imaginable!

  • Amityville Saga - Bill Pfeiffer
  • Pioneers Series

    As time passes, our sport continues to lose its pioneers: those who paved the way through their innovations, improvements and devotion to diving. Their contributions are many including environmental awareness, safety and creative means of taking the sport to its highest level. As they leave us, Dive News Network will cite their rites of passage with tributes in print and on our website. But this won’t be limited to just the pioneers. Other devotees who “cross the bar”’ and have contributed significantly to the sport will be honored as well. In this case it’s news that we are sad to report, but the diving community should be informed about these great people and their contributions.

  • Industry Spotlight

    Profiling industry leaders who have transformed the world above, below, and on the water.  These individuals have a wide repertoire of knowledge, skills, and experiences and know when to apply these abilities as the situation dictates.  This section covers leaders who inspire and motivate us to become better stewards of the earth and focusing on the creation of a common vision through persistent activism.


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