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Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz Island

Offshore Southern California are eight islands, wh...

Isla Cozumel: Watersports Fun at Your Own Pace

Isla Cozumel: Watersports Fun at Your Own Pace

Isla Cozumel is a Mexican island with a Caribbean ...

Destination: Connecticut

Destination: Connecticut

“It’s so cold, how can you dive here?”

It’s a quest...

Oases in the Desert: The Lakes of Arizona

Arizona is a state, which is prominent for its nea...

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Water: North Carolina’s Frying Pan Shoals

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Water: North Carolina’s Frying Pan Shoals

Recognized as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”, Nor...

Whidbey Island: Gateway to Paradise

Whidbey Island: Gateway to Paradise

“The Pacific Northwest, and particularly Whidbey I...


A Curious Story about Shipwrecks, Secret…


The sunset bright and red in the horizon; crisp autumn air chilling; night falling fast; southwest wind leaning into whispers; the Captain, Sinclair,  and first mate, John Virgin, drawing their...

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Home, Sweet Home - Local Diving in Okla…


They say home is where the heart is. The heart may wander, explore, yearn to try something new; but eventually it returns to the warmth and familiarity it knows and...

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One Breath: A Monterey Bay Experience


"The story of this place - this sanctuary - lies hidden by time. It's a story of change revealed by context and perspective: a story born of water and dreams;...

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Kentucky Blues: Music, Lakes, Quarries, …


Kentucky is known for Bluegrass music, Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Harland Sanders, Johnny Depp, Mohammed Ali, Jim Bowie, and Daniel Boone’s adventures exploring, but the one person from this...

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The Colorful World of Georgia’s Gray’s R…


Off the shores of Georgia rests a diverse junction where northern and southern waters meet. Here, where nearby Gulf Stream currents carry a diverse amalgam of aquatic flora and fauna;...

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Santa Cruz Island


Offshore Southern California are eight islands, which offer consistently fantastic diving, kayaking, and hiking throughout the year. Of these, Santa Cruz is the largest and is the most easterly large...

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Destination: Connecticut

Destination: Connecticut


“It’s so cold, how can you dive here?”It’s a question that’s common place for experienced New England divers, and one that I fielded from a dive student’s father, far too...

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Oases in the Desert: The Lakes of Arizon…


Arizona is a state, which is prominent for its nearly unparalleled natural beauty: every year, millions of tourists flock to its bounty of attractions and outdoor activities both tranquil and...

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Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Water…


Recognized as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”, North Carolina is a state where divers, spear fishers, and anglers congregate to get some of the best R&R the U.S. has to...

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DAN Enhances Diver Education Resources

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Continue your dive education and help improve dive safety with ease using DAN’s interactive educational resources. DAN has added even more resources offering you new ways to continue to learn.

Many of these opportunities are available online through, or using our Alert Diver app on your tablet and mobile devices.


Alert Diver: DAN’s quarterly can now be read in print, online and on iOS and Android platforms. The Alert Diver app is free to download, and the digital subscription is automatically included with DAN Membership. Nonmembers and those who live outside the DAN America territory are also able to purchase issues through the app.

Incident Reporting: DAN has established an online dive safety reporting system, designed to enable divers to anonymously report nonfatal accidents and the details surrounding the event. The data gathered from this database will help identify trends and establish baselines to further research efforts and enhance the safety of the sport. To report an incident, visit

Online quizzes: These interactive learning tools cover important dive safety topics such as DCI, hazardous marine life, hand signals and more. Explore to test your knowledge.  
Online video lecture series: Watch popular lectures by DAN staff covering pertinent safety issues and questions frequently fielded on the DAN Medical Information Line. Visit to learn more.

Real-time webinars: Sign up for a free real-time webinar with a member of the DAN staff. Request topics of your choice or ask DAN to select one, and prepare your questions for the live question and answer session immediately following the presentation. Email to sign up today.

Socialize with the DAN Community: Join the thousands of divers on Facebook and Twitter who engage with DAN on a daily basis. Participate in Live Chats with DAN experts on topics of interest, try your hand at Accident Assessments and review the latest Trip Tip. Stay up-to-date on news from DAN and the newest interactive features available on and

Like us on Facebook: Divers Alert Network
Follow us on Twitter: DAN_America

DAN Education has also completely redesigned the core provider courses featuring comprehensive content updates including the 2010 Guidelines for Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiac Care and CPR administration.

DAN Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries: DAN pioneered the course more than 20 years ago, and now presents the most current information, equipping divers with the skills necessary to recognize and manage diving emergencies requiring oxygen first aid.

Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid: Learn essential up-to-date first aid skills for illness and injury assessments and basic wound care including single-rescuer adult-only CPR, AED, airway and choking management.

Hazardous Marine Life: At some point, most divers experience an unintentional brush with fire coral, jellyfish or other hazardous marine life. Be trained to identify and effectively manage these injuries.

Neurological Assessment: Learn the skills you need to establish a critical information baseline to assist first aid providers in making informed decisions about care in the field for both diving injuries and possible strokes. A course designed for divers and nondivers alike.

All provider courses are available in English and Spanish in a variety of formats. To learn more about these programs, call DAN Education at 1-800-446-2671 x.555 or email

DAN is here for you whenever you need us, whether it’s for information, training or emergency assistance.

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