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Clean, Safe, and Revolutionary: Bison Airlighter

Bison - part of Infora, a company driven by the constant search for developing new and better solutions to life’s daily activities - invented the Frankenchild of a butane lighter, blow-torch, and hairdryer. The revolutionary Bison Airlighter is a portable air-driven fire-starter. This incredible device delivers a four-inch flame with optimized airflow to spread the flames. It will quickly ignite charcoal or wood, and offers a safer alternative than conventional devices used to light BBQs, campfires, smokers, and fireplaces. The Airlighter is cordless, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It features a rechargeable battery with any standard USB providing 30 minutes of air boost, refillable butane tank for 15 minutes of burn time, and an air-cooled barrel that remains cool to the touch. While not boastful, Bison added a twin-bulb LED flashlight, adjustable handle, hanging hook, bottle opener, and the child safety locks prevents accidental ignition by the overly enthusiastic user. The Bison Airlighter will let every backyard, camping, adventure-seeking individual create a magnificent campfire or BBQ while they enjoy food without the lighter fluid taste. For your own revolutionary experience please visit

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DryCASE Waterproof Case for Tablets

Want to look up the right kind of bait for your favorite catch while on the dock? Getting an itch to take an underwater selfie with a sturgeon? Does the “freezer bag” technique not do the trick? Keeping your tablet safe and secure against water damage is important for enjoying the best R&R, and DryCASE is here to help. The only vacuum-sealed, fully enclosed waterproof case designed specifically for keeping tablets and e-readers safe, DryCASE sports full touch-screen functionality, a three-way headphone and microphone jack, and a buoyant neoprene armband to prevent your favorite photos from joining Davy Jones’ Locker. At nine inches wide and 13 inches long, DryCASE is equipped to handle most tablets and similar devices, and retails at $59.99. For more information on this protective product, visit or see our Youtube video at for a demonstration.

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IST Triton CM213 Mask

The new Triton CM213 Mask from IST is designed to fit a variety of faces with a comfortable dry seal. The Triton’s hypoallergenic and elastic silicone skirt merge to form a watertight seal that is soft, yet resilient to pressure at depth. Available in a number of colors, the mask is designed with traveling divers in mind and comes equipped with bendable buckles attached to the skirt that do not interfere with fitting: this distinction enables the mask to be packed into tight spaces while traveling and offers plenty of room for excellent visibility and comes in a variety of colors. IST, founded in 1976, has developed a solid reputation in supplying quality and reliable products in conjunction with excellent back-up service. IST has become a comprehensive scuba gear supplier and one of the world’s pre-eminent names in scuba gear and equipment. Loyalty is paramount to the IST way of doing business – from its inception, the majority of its distributors have enjoyed a continuous relationship with them. It’s a testament to IST’s unflagging commitment to produce quality and after-sales service. For more information, visit IST online at

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