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Dry Buds

Dry Buds by DryCase

They say that Dry Buds are waterproof, so after a 55ft dive I stopped at twenty feet to put the Dry Buds on and see if they worked. I connected them to my DryCase strapped to my arm just for this test.

I must say that this was the first safety stop I ever made where I got to listen to the hard rock music of Metallica. Dry Buds are definitely waterproof and appear to work well under pressure too, and that’s more than I can say for my droid with its pressure sensitive screen and the fact that satellite transmissions don’t transcend depths of more than 20ft underwater.

Next I’ll have to try out the waterproof Dry Buds with the built in microphone. Testing this model should include ordering a pizza while laying horizontal on the beach; it’s not easy reviewing quality equipment like Dry Buds.

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