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IST Artemis J-1300 BCD

The Artemis J-1300 BCD is yet another innovative product introduced by IST. This BCD was created exclusively for women divers, featuring adjustment features (including shoulder-width adjustment), personal harness system, support and comfort accommodating the female body. Made from durable denier nylon, the Artemis features a thick back pad for support and supplemental padding around the hips and waist offering extra comfort. The Artemis is stable and flexible enabling female divers to move gracefully in the water.  Women divers will find the power inflator smaller and easier to use affording manageable buoyancy that can be easily controlled, as well as angled weight pockets engineered for simple removal.  As an added bonus, IST included two generous sized pockets. Overall a comfortable BCD made specifically for women divers. I found it easy to use, comfortable and physically meeting all my feminine prerequisites offering me snug support without constriction. If you want to experience the new IST Artemis, please visit their website.

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